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About Us

In year 2001, the Everwell Group established Phoenix Logistics & Marketing Pte Ltd (PLM) in Singapore to provide dedicated service in the retail distribution of branded consumer products. Located in Singapore, PLM operates as a hub that serves the local market as well as neighbouring countries in the Southeast Asian region.

With its well-established distribution network, PLM has the capability to provide a one-stop logistical solution to companies which aim to enter the Southeast Asian market. PLM conducts meticulous order planning and shipping of products from suppliers all over the region, followed by organized warehousing, distribution and merchandising to ensure that products reach the desired markets.

PLM also initiates marketing efforts to deliver value to customers to enhance their in-store purchasing experience. From retail buyers to outlet managers, PLM maintains strong relations with its partners who help achieve the smooth execution of marketing activities such as sales planning, brand building activities and promotions. In addition, our experienced team of merchandisers schedules timely stock replenishments and conducts suitable in-store promotions to keep up with customer demands.

PLM serves as the spring board for companies to reach consumers in one of the fastest growing regions efficiently and reliably.